The trip to Hall

von BRG Imst
14. Januar 2014
On the 30th September 2013 the three fourth classes went to Hall. We were joined by our teachers Mrs. Leiter, Mrs. Kastner, Mrs. Stecher and Mr. Horvath.

We went there by coach. The weather was good, but in the morning it was a bit cloudy and wet.
It took us an hour to get to the castle of Tratzberg. It was the first part of our trip. There was a beautiful museum about the knights and the kings who lived there. After the museum it took us half an hour to get back to the coach. We drove to Hall to take a meal. In little groups we looked for restaurants. That was very funny and quite cool.

Then we had a tour through Hall. We visited the church and the mine, which was very boring I thought. But at the end everybody got a salt stone. That was very funny.
We returned to Imst at 5.00 p. m. It was a great trip that I´ll never forget.

Text: Max Lorenz (4A)